Cladding & Façade Solutions

Facades go through their fair share of wear and tear, which means that ensuring that you spot issues before they have a chance to deteriorate, remains imperative. Should you spot a problem, whether this may be cosmetic damage or deeper issues such as leaking.  Glassrooms work with specialist commercial contractors (LFC) Limitless Facades & Cladding, who provide professional management of remedial solutions.

LFC, Limitless Facades & Cladding  are on hand to provide reliable investigation, management and solutions, In spending time assessing the condition of the façade and inspecting for hidden defects, our professional surveyors will then work with you to devise a tailored plan of action. They will take into consideration your businesses busiest hours before booking in repairs for a date and time that best suits your schedule. Teams aim to keep disruption to daily activities at a low, ensuring that your business does not lose any time, money or customers down to repair work.